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When to come to Corcubion

Corcubion and A Death Coast are places you can visit all year round.

Spring (march, 21st - may, 20th)


One of the best seasons to visita A Death Coast. The awakening of Nature becomes more evident in a virgin land like ours.

The average temperature is around 10ºC and the weather is rainy.

Visitors will find almost no tourists, which makes Spring the perfect season to enjoy Nature. We recommend you to bring rain clothes for outdoor activities.

The most importan festivity is Saint Mark's day, the 25th of April.

The Holy Week is another important celebration Fisterra's Holy Week is remarkable.

Summer (May, 21st - September, 20th)

Quenxe beach

Between July and August is where the flow of visitors grow.

The average temperature is mild, around 20ºC and rains are quite likely to happen.

In this season we can both enjoy culture and nature. It is the best moment to enjoy nautical sports.

The most importan festivity, the one which atracts more visitors is the Medieval Fair, held the third week of July. During a weekend the village transforms itself into a Medieval Market and neighbours liven up the town dressep up in medieval customs. Food stalls fill up the streets of Corcubion.

Furthermore, during the winter is where most of the festivities are held in Corcubion and the region.

Autumn (november, 21st - december, 20th)


Many people believe it is the best time of the year to visit Corcubion and A Death Coast with almost no tourist. The range of brownish tones alternate with green sposts, filling the landscape with saudade.

The average temperature is around 10ºC, with less rainy days than the autum. The beginning of the autumn is a a great time for visiting us and go mushroom hunting.

This season begins with the Virxe das Mercedes Celebration (September, 24th), which traditionally serves as a farewell for summer visitors.

Winter (december, 21st - march, 20th)

Quenxe beach

The weather is mild, with temperatures being above 10ºC most of the time. It is quite rainy but this makes the landscape look so green.

The most important winter celebration is Antroido, being celebrated in the whole country. Fisterra is the village with biggest Antroido.

Gastronomy related to Antroido gives you the oportunity to try Orellas (ears), filloas and Cocido.