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Public transport

Corcubion is connected by bus with Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña.

You can take the bus from Corcubion to other main villages in the Death Coast, but the service is slow, expensive and with not too many rides be careful on sundays, when there might only be just a couple of departures and arrivals.

You can take some buses to A Coruña and Santiago from Corcubion, at Castelao Square. But the complete timetables shown here correspond to the Cee Bus Station, a five minute walk from Corcubion.

It may be worth taking a taxi.


Consult the destinations and schedules:
Autocares Vázquez


Telephone of the stop of Corcubion: 981 74 50 23
Mobile telephone: 629279810 Antonio Rama Pais