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Way of Santiago in Corcubion

Way to Cape Fisterra

In the Costa da Morte is where has his origin the myth jacobeo: to our coasts arrived the Apostle Santiago in a boat of stone. It results logical that the route jacobea prolong nowadays until the Costa da Morte.

From Santiago can follow the Way, that in Dumbria divides in direction Fisterra or Muxia.

The last stage of the Way by the variant of Fisterra has his exit from Corcubion. In the City council have a hostel where will be able to overnight.

The Way goes in in Corcubion from Cee, from this point remain some 14 Km until the Cape of Fisterra, end of the Way.

The Way passes by the lovely maritime walk of the villa and follows from the Castelao square until the parish church for afterwards continue to the Camp do Rollo and go up by Fountain Vilar until the Camp of San Roque. In this point, in a high from where to sight the cape of Fisterra, have the municipal hostel of pilgrims of San Roque, managed by the Association Galega of Friends of the Way of Santiago (AGACS).

From the hostel to Fisterra the Way does by the road in a lot of stretches. When arriving to the centre of the villa fisterrana it is necessary to be still in direction to the Cape of Fisterra.

From Fisterra can do the variant of the Way Fisterra-Muxia.

Practical data to do the way of Santiago in Corcubion

Distance Corcubión-Fisterra: 12 Kms. Approximate time: 3 hours walking without hastes.

Accommodation in Corcubion: Hostel of pilgrims of San Roque (Corcubion).

Situated in the road Coruña-Fisterra, to 2 Km of the Castelao square in direction to Fisterra.

Open from 16:00 a 22:30 in summer and of 17:00 a 22:30 in winter.

Telephone of Begoña Baldomar (Galician Association of Friends of the Way): 661 947 304.

For more information, consult the page of the Galician Association of Friends of the Way. .

There are points of the Way in which it is necessary to walk by the main road. Also it is necessary to cross it in some point of little visibility. We advise not doing this route with children..