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Talía Theatre (cuentacuentos for boys/ace)


Marta Rios of Talía Theatre will offer a session of cuentacuentos for girls and boys titled WORLDS EXPLAINED.

Sinopsis: They say that each person is a world, but Samba, ours protagonist, varied policeman worlds inside her. They say that the Terra also is a world, but  in her live thousands and thousands of people, in reality to Terra are thousands of different worlds. From among all these worlds, Samba goes to choose some to explain us his histories. They are, therefore, worlds explained, worlds that exist from does long. Some remain, others no. The one who yes conserve are his tales. Already it knows , while there is memory, there is hope.

Hour: 18h00

Place: House of the Culture of Corcubion

Start date: 25/06/2011

End date: 25/06/2011

Type: Events