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Announcements and news

Congress MODEL Mark of Opportunities for the Local Development


It organises: Afiprodel (Association Finisterrae of Professionals of the Local Development)

They collaborate: City council of Corcubión, City council of Vimianzo, Board of Galicia, Deputation of A Coruña, Universities of Santiago (1 credit) and of A Coruña (2 credits),Bic Galicia UPD Coordinates Local and Igape.

Dates and places: Vimianzo: 25 and 26 March 2011 and Corcubión: 1 and 2 April 2011.

Information and registrations: and

Term of registration: until the 15 March 2011 (via web)

Addressees: Agents of employment and local development, people that work or that exert political charges in subjects related with the local development, university students, companies and any that seats  attracted by the thematic of the congress.

Start date: 25/03/2011

End date: 02/04/2011

Type: Conferences