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Of compliance with the article 4 of the Royal decree-Law 4/2012, of 24 February, the applications of individual certificate will effect  by those contractors that Do not are recorded in the relation published. The individual certificates have to fulfil the following requirements:

-The format of the model of application has to be what is recorded in the Ministerial order HAP/537/2012 or another whenever it facilitate all the information contained in the first, to be admitted the application by the Local Entity.

-It has to cover an application by each obligation demanded.

-Of not to fulfil the previous requirements will notify  to the interested the refusal of the application by incumplimiento of the formal requirements. The interested will be able to go back to present an application in the correct format inside the term established. In the case to be included in the relation published the creditor will have to communicate his will to attend to the special procedure of collection that describes  to continuation: Forms of communication to will to attend to the procedure by part of the providers. It will allow  to the providers that by telematic road or of face-to-face form communicate his will to attend to the procedure:

a) By telematic road: The providers would have access to the computer application centralised in AEAT (

b) Of face-to-face form: Alternatively, the providers could head to the local entity communicating by writing his decision to receive  to the quoted RDL, facilitanto at the same time the following information:

-Acceptance by the provider.

-Common account number. It will facilitate  they WENT it the BIC.

-Nature of SME or autonomous according to AEAT.-It agreed  one removes.

-Amount of the main with discount of removes it, in case to exist. The local entities would communicate this information by road telematica to the application centralised of the AEAT. The communication of the will to attend to the procedure, referred to the first relation certified, would have to communicate by the providers or by the local entities until the day 22 of Abril, yes realised the communication of telematic form, or the immediate skillful day previous to that, yes did  of face-to-face form.

c) Likewise the application of individual certification presented by the providers in front of the Local Entity will involve, equally, the acceptance by part of these to attend to the procedure. With everything, as it indicated  before, this application only is necessary when the bill or document of collection did not be the relation certified of pending obligations of payment.

Start date: 03/03/2012

End date: 31/05/2012

Type: Events