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Announcements and news

Rehabilitation Aids29/01/2013

  D. Francisco J. Lemma Fuentes, Mayor-Mayor of Corcubión, I KNOW What today January 25 begins the deadline for submission of requests for help in the rehabilitation program provided for in O…

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Voices of the Periphery28/01/2013

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15th anniversary of the Galician Fund08/01/2013

15th anniversary of the Fund for Cooperation and Solidarity Galego. The Galician Cooperation and Solidarity Fund represents a joint public policy of the local power ported to concentrate efforts and …

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Grants: culture, sports, economic development and social services28/12/2012

Grants: culture, sports, economic development and social services.…

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Presentation of book12/12/2012

On Saturday, 15th of December, 2012, presentation at the County House of Corcubiom book about Prestige Xosé Manuel Pereiro, dean of the College of Journalists of Galiza  

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Photo contest14/11/2012

Concurso Fotografía - Corcubión 2012 Bases:   Os concursantes poderán participar con tres obras, únicas e orixinais, que se axustarán ás seguintes normas: Temática: libre. …

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Programs of School Reinforcement 201220/06/2012

Free classes of support of Summer July - August. Registration: Municipal Social Services 981745 400. It consults the bases of registration in the City council (Squares limited).

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Through traditional games...01/06/2012

... I cooperate and game in team ... I do a monton of exercise ... I know the values and the culture of the mine entorno ... I communicate with people and no machines ... I amuse with the mine fri…

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Informative talk of the Civil Policeman: "Our children and daughters regarding INTERNET"01/06/2012

Informative talk directed to parents, mothers and educating people, imparted by personnel specialist in low and internet of the POLICEMAN CIVIL. THEMATIC: - Advantages of internet and the soci…

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