Mayor's office

The City Council of Corcubión is pleased to welcome the new web portal of the municipality. From here, we intend to bring the local administration closer to the citizens by allowing them to obtain all the information on the tools, services or procedures that are available to them from the council.

With this website, we make an exercise in democracy in order to put ourselves at the service of citizens, facilitating access to our services and providing the greatest transparency. It also brings the administration closer to the people, because from here is access to these procedures and online management.

We consider this website a space for meeting, relationship and communication with and for the residents of Corcunión, in which we hope they can approach the construction of our town.

As for all visitors in search of knowledge of the municipality of Corcubión, I would like to invite you to walk and enjoy our streets and landscapes, because Corcubión is a land of transition between the calm and calm of the Rías Baixas and the bravery and living nature of the Costa of Death.

I end by expressing my commitment as mayor for our region and I reiterate my total willingness and commitment to Corcubion. Through participation, work and dialogue, we hope to be at the height of this council and we are committed to contributing the greatest of our strength to work in an open, sustainable, accessible, genuine and modern Corcubion.

I fervently invite you to visit us, to live in Corcubion and to enjoy it


Mayor of Corcubion