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Saint Mark

Saint Mark, April, 25th

A Saint Mark statue, the patron saint of Corcubion, is taken from the church around the village.


Saint Peter (Redonda), June, 29th

Celebration where neighbours from San Pedro da Redondo get together in Campo de San Roque to eat, drink, talk and spend the day relaxing.


Night of Saint John, at Oliveira

The saturday before the 24th of July, people from the village roast sardines and jump over bonfires (which is said it brings good luck).


A Virxe do Carme, July, 16th

Marine procession, dedicated to Virxe do Carme, saint patron of fishermen and sailors.

Medieval Fair


Medieval Fair, third weekend of July

During one weekend Corcubion transforms itself into a medieval market.


A Virxe das Mercés, September, 24th

Very traditional. The Mercés serves to say goodbye to the summer and all the visitors we've had during the season.

In A Death Coast there are numerous folk festivities and fairs. It is quite common to have 3 or 4 celebration each weekend in the whole region, within a radius of 20Km from Corcubion.