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San Marcos Church

San Marcos Church

Location:Praza Parroco Francisco Sanchez.

Built in:
- Main Chapel, XIV century
- Nave and vault, second quarter XV century
- Vestry chapel, first third of XVIII century
- Second vestry, bastistry and façade, last quarter of XIX century

Style: Mostly marine Gothic (some Baroquese and Neogothic parts).

Authors: We just know the author of the Neogothic façace, Domingo Rodriguez Sesmero.

San Marcos Church

It has some Romanesque remains, but it is mostly Baroquese. It was started in the XIV century and was build in several stages.

At the beguining od the XVIII century, the Socorro and Carme Chapels were built. When the French Army sacked the village, they set the church on fire, destroying the inside.

In the XIX century the tower was damaged three times by lightning. The worst onde happened in 1885, St. Joshep's Day, killing 3 people and wounding over 60.

The St. Mark of Cadeira image is a key element in the church. It is a gothic statue from the Venetian school from the XV century.

This church is declared of Good of Cultural Interest.