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Castle of Cardeal

Castle of Cardeal

Location: Punta Pion.

How to ge there: Take the road to Fisterra up to Corcubion Cementery. Take the road on the left and keep going for around 2 Km. You will see the castle on your left.

Built in: Second half of XVIII century.

Authors: Started by La Ferrieri, finished by Francisco Llovet and Carlos Lemaur.

The Port of Corcubion was a common stop for the expeditions heading Northern Europe or the Mediterranean. The inlet was used by pirates to sack the village, too.

By the end of the XVII century there was an urgent need of fortresses in the Ria. The Castle of Prince in Cee, San Carlos Castle in Fisterra and Cardeal Castle in Corcubion were built.

This castle has a paired one on the other side of Corcubion Ría (Castle of Prince, in Cee). Crossing fire from both fortresses protected the Ría . There is a legend whichs says there used to be a chain crossing the Ria, impeding the entrance of ships.

It had 12 cannos and could hold up to 96 soldiers.