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Announcements and news

Galician Festival of Dance10/07/2013

Galician Festival of Dance Saturday July 13 at 20h30 Campo do Rollo Corcubión

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EXHIBITION: The City and the Ships10/07/2013

On Friday there will be the inauguration of the exhibition "The City and the boats" in the Old Jail Corcubión at 20:00. This is a pictorial exhibition of 28 artists of different origins in Spain: Ca…

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Leisure program10/07/2013

See Galician Version.

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Municipal School of Theatre16/06/2013

Municipal school Corcubión presenta: "The Inheritance of Uncle Peter" Sunday, June 21, 21:00 Culture House Corcubion

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Cycle Euro-Arab Cinema23/05/2013


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Institutional declaration - May 17 Galician Literature Day10/05/2013

Institutional declaration On the occasion of Galician Literature Day 2013 Once again we celebrate the Galician Literature Day. This date was instituted by the heirs of the "historical galleguism…

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The Island Boys10/05/2013

Theater group "A Illa dos nenos" with his performance "magic. vs. science" May 17 Galician Literature Day 18:30 Culture House Corcubión

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PABLÍSIMO tales23/04/2013

The tales PABLÍSIMO features: Tales dessert Thursday April 26 18:30 Culture House Corcubión

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"Andainas" know the Costa da Morte10/04/2013

See Galician version.

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