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Institutional declaration - May 17 Galician Literature Day


Institutional declaration
On the occasion of Galician Literature Day 2013

Once again we celebrate the Galician Literature Day. This date was instituted by the heirs of the "historical galleguismo" to channel the energies of the Galician people, historical and nationally, to the Franco regime and to promote and keep alive as collective heritage that we have the Galicians: the language itself. Given the situation of repression, marginalization and disregard the Galician who had suffered by the state and central standardizing, the formula that was devised to seek collective survival.

Fortunately the Franco regime is now history, but the situation of our language is still getting worse. The law protects the use of the Galician language, it is true, but practice and inertia, due to the difficulty of transformation of mentality, continue to produce devastating effects to our language we need to correct. So we can see that the transmission of the language from father to son, current natural and necessary for the survival of this presents a bleak statistics.

Furthermore, the means of mass communication are achieved in a few years what centuries of persecution by the state had not managed: to impose the Spanish language and Spanish language only.

There is a popular saying that Galician states: "The talk does not have gates." Unfortunately some political leaders, who hold responsibilities that are not worthy, strive to place, time and again, cancel the Galician. Those who are obliged by law to defend our language are lexislando against previous consensus as the Law of Linguistics in order, under a false label of freedom, to secure the existing privileges of the Spanish language.

Although it is true that individual bilingualism is enriching and desirable to people, and that scientific studies have shown that these individuals achieve better academic results, which is also called "social bilingualism" and that there is no such name is a euphemism for hide linguistic conflict that our society suffers.

Defending freedom is to defend the oppressed, is to defend our language. No parent really wants their kids are being denied the treasure of our own language. Since the City Council Corcubión encourage the public to live every day in Galician, without complexes, using the language we have inherited from our ancestors.

Municipal Government Corcubión

Start date: 10/05/2013

End date: 18/05/2013

Type: Information