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EXHIBITION: The City and the Ships


On Friday there will be the inauguration of the exhibition "The City and the boats" in the Old Jail Corcubión at 20:00.
This is a pictorial exhibition of 28 artists of different origins in Spain: Cadiz, Malaga, Madrid, Leon, Ltd. .. And even Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Japón ... and all of them cradle ample career.
The theme of the exhibition refers to the relationship between The city and the boats, ranging from the traditional figurative language it to the abstraction, the use of different techniques: collage, photography, oil, acrylic, etching ... It is, therefore, an exhibition varied but within parameters of artistic quality.
This show has already crossed many crossings, how could it be otherwise provided cities with strong marine presence: Cadiz, Malaga, Barcelona, Marbella, Isle of Leon (San Fernando), Ceuta, Cartagena, coming now to Galiza, the Corcubión as first stage of pecurso Galizian and could not be more appropriate this place Corcubión, which defines the sea and cradles.
We wait for you next Friday 12 at 20 hours.

Start date: 10/07/2013

End date: 15/08/2013

Type: Exhibitions